Asian stock exchanges start off 2017 with mixed results

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Asian stock exchanges start off 2017 with mixed results

Asian stock exchanges started the New Year with mixed results, throughout January there have been different closures, some have increased in certain operations, and others remain the same, while some stocks show negative closings through days.

Stock exchange in the Asian-Pacific region

In Beijing, stockbrokers remain optimistic because their operations started off with the right foot. In the early days of January, their operations recorded significant increases. The earnings of the US giant, Wall Street, coupled with a favorable rebound in the session of oil prices boosted shares in the stock of the area in the vast Asian continent.

Reliability data also contributed to a positive closure as it led American, European and Asian banks to increase their forecasts for favorable global growth during 2017.

In Shanghai, the Composite Index increased 0.21 percent, while the dollar was at 116.40 units against the yen and the Chinese currency, the Yuan improved its worth compared to the US dollar.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Asian 2017 stock start

Japan, more specifically Tokyo, felt slight losses -0.05 percent, during the first days of January, settling at 19, 584 units in the early 2017.

However, the falls recorded by the Japanese stock market allow it to remain stable and recover thanks to purchases registered on Wall Street, which helps Tokyo Stock Exchange near future look optimistic and shows signs of possible improvement in the days to come. The dollar exchange during January was at 117 yen for purchase and 117.07 for sale.

In general terms, movements, operations and closure of the stock exchange of the Asian continent could be considered as good or at least optimal, as it generated profits, as the US dollar has been highly used. These results originated in Wall Street thanks the boost received due to favorable economic data, as it benefited the Asian market.

The Asian share indexes increased their profits, as in the case of MSCI which reached 0.2 percent and the Nikkei index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange settled at 2.4 percent, this being its most favorable result since December 2015.

Meanwhile, the Japanese manufacturing sector throughout December 2016 generated considerable positive expansion due to an increase in orders and requests that fostered growth for Japan.

Experts, through surveys, have determined that the manufacturing activity in the country exceeded by far the gains made in December 2013, which until then had been the biggest.

Despite the good results obtained so far, the Asian markets are kept in waiting and uncertainty, as everybody is waiting for the taking of the presidency of the United States by Donald Trump, and the economic measures he’ll take.

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