Mexican stock exchange go down 0.96% before Trump is sworn into presidency

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January 23, 2017
US stock exchange registers losses due to holiday
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January 25, 2017

Mexican stock exchange go down 0.96% before Trump is sworn into presidency

Mexican exchange down before Trump sworn presidency

Mexican exchange down before Trump sworn presidency

Since Donald Trump was elected as the new president of the United States there has been many different and radical movements in the stock market. A couple of days before being sworn president, which was scheduled for January 20, the Mexican stock exchange already begun to register heavy falls.

The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV in Spanish), registered a significant unfavorable decline prior to Trump’s arrival to the presidency. The numbers reported by the Mexican Stock Exchanges went down 0.96 percent.

This happened right after a time of low operations, as last Monday was a holiday in the United States, a country that also remains on the lookout for the arrival to the presidency of the tycoon, during his campaign and after his election he’s done several announcements, especially in terms of economy, imports and even tax implementation to foreign companies that wish to sell their goods, products and services to the US.

The Mexican stock exchange and Donald Trump

The Mexican stock exchange

The numbers reported by the Mexican Stock Exchange represent a decrease of 442.05, compared with previous levels. As for the IPC (an index in the Mexican Stock Exchange), it stood at 45.740,38 units due to the stocks of companies such as America Movil, Walmart and Cemex. Overall, the IPC fell 0.96 percent.

Operations performed during the day that left that bitter taste in investors of the Mexican market was highlighted by the negotiation of titles in worldwide and Mexican markets, what registered a total of 1,900 million of Mexican Pesos and translates approximately in the amount of 87,7 million dollars.

Also, exchanges of 159 company creative licenses were also performed, and the result was mixed, 67 of these ended up winning, while 76 of them ended with losses and 16 didn’t show any kind of changes.

Companies that reported earnings are mostly on the paper and wood sectors with a total of 4.95 percent, followed by the telephone company America Movil which reached 4.40 percent and in third place was the alcohol-free beverage with 4.25 percent.

Those who weren’t favored and registered the most worrying losses were three companies. Among them, ranked with steeper losses is the company responsible for maritime transport Grupo TMM with 4.29 percent, followed by the banking sector, represented by Banco Santander with a loss of 3.95 percent and the third was in the public service sector represented by the self-service group Chedraui with 3.93 percent.

As for the big picture regarding the loss by all sectors, the financial sector had the worst, with a 55 percent, consumption by 41 percent and the third one was the industrial sector.

For its part the US dollar stood at 22.20 pesos, this according to reports of Scotiabank, and Banregio.

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