Mixed Beginnings on Stock Exchanges in 2017

Values on stock exchange on 2017
Values on the Stock Exchange this 2017
January 10, 2017
Stock exchange opening on the United States
Opening of stock exchanges in the United States with ups and downs
January 16, 2017

Mixed Beginnings on Stock Exchanges in 2017

Mixed beginnings on stock exchanges 2017

The main Stock Exchanges started closed during the first days of the new year, after Christmas celebrations, such as United States, Japan, China and United Kingdom.

However, some Stock Exchanges in places like Mexico, Asia, Lima, and Europe started their activities with uneven movements. In some of these places, the starting was positive, in others was a bit slower, while in some of them reflected losses on their numbers during the first days of 2017.

At the same time, the majority of the entities are waiting for results that the economy will show on the world market, once that the new President of the United States, Donald Trump assumes his responsibilities in an event stipulated on January 20th.

Since, after he faced his election, the Stock Exchanges registered radical movements. At the moment of his victory, big falls were registered, to register later an important rise that was kept for a considerable time. This was once he is proclaimed president, different situations may occur, adding to this the different measures he takes that may impact on the world economy without any doubt.

Experts points out that there is a lot of nervousness on markets from countries such as Japan and China due to the measures he may take, because he has said that he wants to impose a 40%-tax for Chinese products, and 20% in other sectors.

Mexico Stock Exchange

The Mexican Stock Exchange, and the Mexican Peso started with timid movements this year. They do not represent important loses, but they do not represent an important rising either. The Mexican currency lost 0.08, while the Mexican Stock Exchange gained 0.11%.

The Mexican stock exchange

The Mexican stock exchange

On national level, the stock market reported a 0.11% rise thanks to Quote and Price Index (QPI) with the rising of 45,674.16 units, and the rising of 31.25. on the other hand, the Mexican Peso was quoted in 20.78 for each U.S Dollar.

Lima Stock Exchange (BVL)

On the other hand, the Peruvian Stock Exchange started its first journey of the year with an excellent start, presenting the most representative general BLV index. The rise registered was 0.04 per cent, that it was possible thanks to the rise from 15.566 to 15.573 points.

Due to the general picture of the Peruvian Stock Exchange, gold drew back, which was not the case of copper, that advanced in its position on the metal market of this country. On the other hand, the Selective Stock Index registered a rise of 0.05 percent, rising from 406.35 to 406.54 in points.

Stock Exchanges in Europe

For European Stock Exchanges the starting was bittersweet, because it is full of ups and downs. Even though the main Stock Exchanges in European countries opened for initiating their labor activities in 2017. The results in percentages, as well as the position on the market were diverse and varied.

Meanwhile, the London Stock Market remained closed due to Christmas celebrations, the rest of the Stock Exchanges faced the new year reality. In the oil sector, the Brent crude barrel was set in $55, while the West Texas barrel was set on $53.55.

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