Opening of stock exchanges in the United States with ups and downs

Mixed beginnings on stock exchanges 2017
Mixed Beginnings on Stock Exchanges in 2017
January 12, 2017
Asian stock exchanges start off 2017 with mixed results
January 19, 2017

Opening of stock exchanges in the United States with ups and downs

Stock exchange opening on the United States

The start of the New Year, until now, has left the stock exchange values of the United States with results and movements constantly changing to the extremes, unbelievably but true. One of the facts that have caused uncertainty is the most recent winner of the presidential elections, Donald Trump, who is scheduled to start managing the country the next January 20. This event has led the shares of stocks, operations and movements, to become extremely unstable.

The first days of January, after a late opening after the Christmas festivities, the stock exchange of the US has been marked by mixed results. What usually starts as a positive day it turns to dramatic losses in the middle of the day, and wrap things up to a closing that could be considered as ‘stable’.

The Wall Street stock exchange

On Wall Street, the NYSE (most important stock exchange in the United States) shares closed with losses, this is the result of the decline that interest rates had, event which in turn marked losses in the value of bank stocks.

On the other hand the shares of stores are now unbalanced, this happened after the decrease of profits forecasts. Companies such as Macy’s and Kohl’s, which are located mainly in the U.S., reported heavy losses due to the low sales recorded during December.

Also, the manufacturing and raw materials sector which were getting earnings as a result of the presidential elections of United States had a step back in its positive advance. Likewise, the value of the dollar decreased and the bonds led to the performance of these to go down.

The Dow Jones index, which covers about 130,000 indexes, registered losses of 131 points at halftime, and recovered a few moments before closing, all thanks to an increase in the companies’ shares that have wider dividends.

Positive closures of health and technology companies ended up benefiting the NASDAQ indicator, which helped in the recovery that would mark terrible losses.

What do specialists say about this?

Kate Warne, an investment specialist at Edward Jones, explained that she thinks the decrease of taxes and the increase of investment for the infrastructure sector announced by the President Donald Trump, won’t end up affecting in a large scale the economy of the country.

However, she assured that it would be wise to wait and see what happens since even without changes having occurred in the national policy, there’s been major movements on the stock exchange, currency and shares around the world, plainly based on uncertainties and predictions which until now have no foundations.

NASDAQ has been the only positive one this year 2017

NYSE and NASDAQ on 2017

NASDAQ, the second largest stock exchange in the United States of America, is the only indicator that has been spared from losses during 2017. In the case of Wall Street, the Dow Jones index, NYSE Composite, Standard & Poor’s recorded falls. NASDAQ reported gains of 0.15 percent and stood at 485.36 units.

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