Stock exchanges could come to a mixed closing for weeks after Trump’s rise to power

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Stock exchanges could come to a mixed closing for weeks after Trump’s rise to power

Stock exchange could come to mixed closing for Trump

Stock exchange could come to mixed closing for Trump

Stock exchanges around the world showed mixed results after the appointment of the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, whose investiture was this past January 20, act in which Barack Obama, alongside his wife Michelle Obama transferred the power to the him. Expectations of it had created irregular flows on the stock and currency exchanges on the world markets.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the stock exchange has had radical movements, these began with sudden fall and rise which kept on for a few months, which surprised worldwide investors. However, statements regarding economic decisions and tax implementation on imports that the president made didn’t help answering many questions.

European stock exchange

However, after the event, indexes didn’t show any outstanding losses or profits. On the contrary, the movements were fairly even. Meanwhile, European stock showed profits, Frankfurt Stock Exchange showed an increase of 0,29 percent, Paris rose 0,20 percent, in addition, Madrid Stock Exchange rebounded a minimum of 0,01 percent. Sadly, things weren’t so favorable for London and Milan stock exchanges, which showed losses of 0,14 percent and 0,06 percent, respectively.

United States stock exchange

On the other hand, the main stock exchange reference in the world, Wall Street, only showed good numbers, perhaps some more prominent than others. For Dow Jones, there was a 0,48 percent raise to reach a total of 19.827 points, the index S&P 500 rebounded a 0,34 percent and managed 2.271 points, as for Nasdaq, it raised 0,28 percent, reaching a total of 5,555 units.

Stock exchange with mixed results after donald trump

Stock exchange with mixed results after Donald Trump

Profits for American stock exchanges and stock indexes in the country are probably associated with statements issued by Donald Trump in his first speech after took office. The president emphasized that American products will be purchased and Americans will be employed in order to create said products. Doing so certainly benefits American acquisitive power, although for those emigrants, workers originating from others countries and export companies isn’t quite a favorable decision.

As for Latin America, stock exchanges also had mixed closings due to Trump’s already mentioned statements. However, it isn’t all lost for Asian and Latin economies, while the United States is one of the main markets of the world, negotiations between Asia and Latin America have always had an acceptable flow that could prove to be a great pillar if Trump decides to fulfill his promises.

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