United States Stock Exchange registers losses due to holiday

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January 23, 2017
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United States Stock Exchange registers losses due to holiday

US stock exchange registers losses due to holiday

The United States Stock Exchange, along with most stock indices, registered losses after a weekend that turned out to be very long due to the commemoration of a holiday. The celebration was Martin Luther King Day, date which is commemorated every year on the third Monday of January, since 1986.

United States investors went through an extended weekend, when the uncertainty is increasing in the stock exchange all over the world and the flows of stock indices are more and more uncertain. These events are deeply linked to political movements of two very important countries: the United States and the United Kingdom.

In the case of the United States, Donald Trump already sworn on January 20 as the new president. The man who has generated unpredictable and new movements in the stock exchanges and currency prices since he was elected. The newly appointed president recently held his first press conference, in which he didn’t clear major doubts about measures in economic terms; on the contrary, he created even more uncertainty.

In addition to the rise of Trump to power, there’s also the conference that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, will hold after knowing there’s high probability of British choosing a ‘hard Brexit’. Such move would represent the exit of the United Kingdom of the single market of the European Union, all in order to get back and restore their dominion over the border and its laws.

These milestones, added after the holiday rates registered low, are probably not so significant; however the future doesn’t seem to be all too encouraging.

Stock indices losses after Martin Luther King day

Stock indices losses after Martin Luther King day

In the case of the industrial Dow Jones index, one of Wall Street’s most relevant presented a decline of 5.27 points, which represents a depreciation of 0.03 percent. Thus leaving a total of 19 thousand 885.73 units. On the other hand, NYSE Composite had better luck, as it didn’t register any losses, instead it registered an increase of 0.21 percent and got to the 11 thousand 227.17 units.

In addition, the Standard & Poor’s 500 registered a timid lifting of a 0.18 percent, with a profit of 4.20 points. Nasdaq Composite fared much better and banking, technological, industrial and insurance titles marked a positive dividend of 0.48 percent, thanks to a rise of 26.63 points, which placed them in five thousand 574.12 units.

Meanwhile gold has presented a high rate, since it has been revalued in the market due to the fall of the dollar. Investors look for ways to protect their earnings and avoid losses against a future far from clear to the global stock exchanges and the currency, shares and property market as well.

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