Values on the Stock Exchange this 2017

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January 5, 2017
Mixed beginnings on stock exchanges 2017
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January 12, 2017

Values on the Stock Exchange this 2017

Values on stock exchange on 2017

Values on stock exchange on 2017

World Stock Exchanges started the current year with several indexes, some of them positive, some negatives and a mix of both. However, some values represented by a group of companies were positioned at the beginning of 2017, with a safe banking trust, that may provide multiple dividends and profits to investors.

The five major stock exchanges of companies are located in United States (two of them, first and second place in New York) followed by England and Italy (third place for both with headquarters in London), then we have Japan (fourth place with headquarters in Tokyo) and last and fifth place, China with headquarters in Shanghai.

Among European Stock Markets that best position at the beginning of the year, as Wall Street competitor, and may keep steady due to the United States instability that comes with the new president Donald Trump, is formed by a group of companies in different branches on the national and international market.

One of those companies is Roche, which is focused on pharmaceutical market, and counts with the approval of 80 percent of investors’ signatures, and this is because it can generate profits over 20 percent to those that trust on it. In 2017 Roche is emerging as one of the main pharmaceutical companies that are used to fight against the disease that affects thousands of people around the world: cancer.

On the other hand, the company Vinci that is dedicated to highways and airports construction is recommended by 75 percent of specialists, and it is emerged with 15 percent profits for its investors, because in 2017, they expect that the corporation participates in different large-scale constructions.

In the case of AB InBev, the Company is in charge of beer production such as Budweiser, Corona, and Pilsner has a privileged place that is re-impulse by a growth in Africa. This is after the acquisition of SabMiller Corporation. The investment of this company guarantees profits on the Stock Exchange for the investors.

On the technological section, there are also bids with high profitable possibilities on European Stock Exchange, which the case of SAP, that is profile during this year with very solid results.

The best values of Ibex-35

In the case of values with more favorable potential in Ibex-35, there is a group of companies that are positioned with good probabilities to generate profits to the investors, according to financial experts on the subject.

ibex 35

ibex 35

The one that offers more profitable Cellnex probabilities, that after the index reached at the end of 2016, it is emerged to offer profits above 30 percent. During 2016, it recovered very well from what it could be significant loses.

On the other hand, Dia has a probability to offer profits of more than 28 percent to investors. However, these investors absent from betting strongly, because during the last three years there has been important ups and downs, so it is advisable to bet timidly in order to avoid big falls on the Stock Exchange.

In the case of Meliá, there are 21 percent profitable probabilities, and it has important recommendations from specialists because is a good bet on the Stock Exchange in 2017.

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