Bitcoin will continue its pressure over USD Dollar

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Bitcoin will continue its pressure over USD Dollar

Bitcoin pressures US Dollar

Bitcoin pressures US Dollar

During 2016, the cryptocoin Bitcoin rebounded on the Exchange market Forex, but it was during the last trimester when it reached highlighted levels that were impossible to foresee. In total, Bitcoin had 125% increase which led the investors to interest on the currency.

Bitcoin growth was quite linked to the reduction that the Chinese currency had: the Yuan. Asian investors decided to protect themselves on the cryptocoin due to other currencies instability, such as US Dollar, Yuan and Sterling Pound.

We have to remember that Bitcoin was developed in 2009 in China, and through the years, and as a result of factors related to political decisions, this currency has gained an important place on the world market, but mainly on the Asian country, this is because 90% of virtual operations with this coin are made in China.

Even though Bitcoin rebound at the end of 2016 was highly highlighted, at the beginning of 2017, this virtual currency broke with all statistics and came to be located in US $1000.

And even though the beginning was really good, at the end of January it presented a reduction, which made it place in US $800 on the Foreign Exchange Market. But this retrospective was nothing more than a big boost to Bitcoin because it advanced a 1.47% towards US Dollar and passed the barrier of $1000, reaching back the surprising amount of $1.027.

China currency, Yuan

Bitcoin growth was quite linked to the reduction that the Chinese currency had: the Yuan.

Since the last elections held in the United States where the businessman Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the Stock Exchange and the Foreign Exchange Forex have been in a kind of unsustainable seesaw which has led the investors to incline to opt for assets that are unrelated to unpredictable political events.

For this reason, Bitcoin, gold and other treasury bonds shares have rebounded constantly and stable, surpassing any expectation.

And since Donald Trump’s election, his inauguration, and the first decisions he has implemented since his first day as President of the United States, including the controverted migratory policy, and with the latter detention of the policy by the US Judicial System; have influenced a lot on the world markets, thus on the currency.

This situation has created an uncertainty among investors who have chosen not to bet on US Dollar. This action has weakened this currency not only towards Bitcoin, but other currencies, which before the situation have managed to climb a decent and highlighted position on Forex.

Although 2017 has resulted more favorable for Bitcoin, experts recommend to the investors make cautious investments due to as faster the profits inflated, this might deflate and Forex varies rapidly so consider carefully all your options when investing.

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