Latin American Stock Exchanges in Uncertainty by the United States.

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Latin American Stock Exchanges in Uncertainty by the United States.

Mexican Stock Exchange

Mexican Stock Exchange

The main Latin American stock exchanges have reported in recent weeks mixed closures with a clear downward trend and due to constant decisions that the US government have created uncertainty among Latin American and Foreign investors who have limited or constrained their interest for the Central and South America shares as precautions for their interests.

In general terms, since the election of the businessman Donald Trump in the elections held in the United States in 2016, the world stock market indexes, even in the American country, have presented radical ups and downs, which in the course of time have been Converted into mixed closures.

In the case of the Latin American stock markets in mid-February and coinciding with statements made by the President of the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed), Janet Yellen, in which she stated that waiting “too much” for the next increase of types would be imprudence, generated that Latin American stock losses will increase in the next months.

And the possibility of rising rates in the largest economy in the world has generated the caution of investors, as this situation could lead to a decrease in the capital flow to the stock exchanges, so investments could be directed to new markets.

This situation is not limited to Stock Exchanges, but also to the Forex, short for “Foreign Exchange”, And is basically the market where the world’s currencies are traded. Forex has even fallen the US currency and have rallied more “stable” values such as, gold, the cryptocoin Bitcoin and Treasury values.

Lima Stock Exchange

Lima Stock Exchange

Such movements respond to the investors and experts cautions to protect themselves from political decisions that have a direct impact on the world’s economy and could lead to losses for them.

Preventive measures to safeguard investments

Stock exchange experts recommend leaning for values such as gold, Bitcoin, Treasury stocks and companies’ shares that are not closely related to political decisions.

Although the Latin American stock markets and the world have presented losses, in fact it is a transformation in the preferences of the investors.

This 2017 has been favorable for companies that in recent years had presented losses in their general indexes, and thanks to this situation, they have recovered in a remarkable way as they had not done in past periods.

It is advisable to receive advice from economy specialists and being in constant monitoring on the political decisions.  Especially the ones implemented by the President of the United States Donald Trump due to their direct impact on the world economy.

The President is always on the world’s headlines for the decisions he makes, like the migratory veto that was subsequently rejected by American Courts, but impacted on the Stock Exchanges and Stock Indexes.

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