The three Spanish values that have traced in profits

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February 22, 2017
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The three Spanish values that have traced in profits

Madrid, Spain stock exchange

Madrid, Spain stock exchange

The situations that face shares and values in the stock exchanges and stock indexes are extremely relative. Profits and losses vary because their movement is tied to different economic factors, however, the losses had been constant for three consecutive years, for Dia, Adolfo Domínguez and Adveo, but 2017 has been a positive year for these three Spanish values that have went up the profits between 10 to 80% for its Stock Exchange Performance.

Día, Adolfo Domínguez and Adveo were presenting heavy losses during the last three years, which made investors and experts not take them into account and qualify them as a risk for those who wanted to invest their money in shares on the Stock Exchange.

But these three Spanish values left behind the bad stretch, for now to achieve constant profits that place them among the three most coveted on the Exchange and be among the positive experts’ recommendations and be the focus of attention for investors who want to increase their profits.

Día’s Values on the rise

The Company dedicated to food sector placed on Ibex on the fifth position of rising values with high eligibility probabilities on the investors. During 2017 the company has won more than 10% in its performance comparing to recent years where they lost more than 21%.

Among the reasons that generated the losses to Día, highlights the economic situation in Spain, however, the possibilities of the company are positive and, according to the experts, the company is placed as a favorable recommendation in which it is advised to buy and hold shares.

Adolfo Domínguez stands out on the Stock Exchange

For the textile company 2017 has been so far one of its best years, and its profits are located at levels that had not previously reached. Adolfo Domínguez shares rose more than 79 percent, which places it with the highest contribution levels that they did not enjoy since 2014.

The textile company’s fall started three years ago, when the last trimester 2014 plummeted 42% on the Stock Indexes. The reduction was related to the fall of its product’s consumption

After making changes in its administration and the company’s management, at the beginning of January they started with the losing reduction. The company reported a 27% reduction. The company profiles now among one of the most valuable investments on the market.

Adveo rebounds after a bad streak

The capitalization Company left behind its negative tendency registered three years ago, in which after a penalty for the digitalization process on the society, it started to produce loses that reached up to 72%.

2017 started in a favorable way to Adveo, with a 20% rebound on the market which left behind its loses, and placed it with a great potential on the Stock Exchange.

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