Donald Trump’s decisions will take the stock market into the abyss

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Donald Trump’s decisions will take the stock market into the abyss

Trump would take the stock market into an abyss

Trump would take the stock market into an abyss

The new President of the United States, Donald Trump, took office on January 20 and from his first day of work he’s been fulfilling the measures that he previously promised during his political campaign.

Due to controversial actions, he has hoarded the mastheads of the press around the world, not only in the political area, but in economics too, since the measures he has taken are deeply related with markets of different countries.

Although the President claims that his actions are intended to “make America great again”, as his campaign slogan was, in the case of the stock exchanges and stock indexes the effect has been quite the opposite.

And it is Wall Street and U.S. indexes such as Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq, which are also main indicators worldwide, which have showed major setbacks, especially after the latest immigration measures that Trump recently announced.

After the announcement, the red numbers started popping out, in the case of Dow Jones the loss was 0.87 percent, losing 20,000 points, S&P 500 fell by 0.93 percent and it was 1.27 percent for Nasdaq. Also, IBEX fell 1.28 percent until it went down to 9.382.

The latest immigration measure to prevent the entry of citizens from different Muslim countries to U.S. territory was the key ingredient to generate the collapse, just after the joy in United States stock, due to an unjustified rise in their rates.

Large US companies, which are globally representative, such as the oil company ExxonMobil, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and the Pfizer pharmaceutical, also kept their movements in alarm. The energy, raw material, industrial and health sectors also presented losses of -0,93 percent, -0,85 percent, -0,85 percent, -0,70 percent,-0, 57 percent and -0, 31 per cent, respectively.

Companies such as DuPont, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Caterpillar, JP Morgan, Nike, Visa, IBM, among others, as they move a lot of the world economy their collapse was the most evident.

Stock Exchange awaits for next moves


From his election and today more than ever, every step, signature and decision announced, taken and implemented by the U.S. President, hits with force in the stock indexes around the world, especially in the American ones. Wall Street, the Dow Jones and S&P 500, have maintained a dangerous roller coaster that tends to have more consistent and conspicuous falls than rises.

Thus, worldwide investors are taking safer choices, such as dealing with gold and bonds, which increases even more the fall in those indexes. All the while, the stock market remain at the mercy of the President and his measures.

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