Ibex rises 0.14% after its opening

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Nikkei 225 falls 0.86% against the yen backward
April 6, 2017
EUR / USD forex
Euro backs towards Dollar after visiting the $1.09 quota
April 7, 2017

Ibex rises 0.14% after its opening

Madrid, Spain stock exchange

Madrid, Spain stock exchange

Ibex 35 is the main index on the Spain Stock Exchange. It registered an advancement of 0.14% to 10.384 points just an hour after the beginning of the negotiation journey this week.

The Madrid selective registered its new annual maximum during this week session, and it returns to the psychological quota of 10.400 points, trying to complete its second positive month.

The consumer Price index in Spain increased 2.3% interannual in March registering a lower increasing comparing to the previous month. The converses focus on the publishing index of the indicators of economical feelings, and the business climate of the Eurozone.

Other Stock Exchanges and companies

Tokyo Stock Exchange finished the session this week down, and its main index, Nikkei 225 discount a 0.86% at the end of the Asian negotiation journey, despite the Japanese currency recoil on Forex.

Meanwhile in the United States, the transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, announced that this week, the administration of President Donald Trump will announce an infrastructure plan of $1 billion this year, which is mainly focused on transportation energy, and water infrastructure, as well as the possibility on communication and hospital for Veterans.

Grifols led the Ibex 35 increasing by pointing a 2.62% increase to register a better performance on the integral selective values, reaching € 23.20 per Company title on the Spanish Multinational Company, which is specialized on the pharmacy and hospital sector.

Repsol registered an advancement of 1.06%, impulsed by the rebound of oil prices on the raw material market, while other companies such as Telefonica and Santander are trading flat, after an Ibex 35 opening.

Banco BBVA y Banco Sabadell

Sabadell Bank, and BBVA occupy the two worst places on the Ibex 35

On the other hand, Sabadell Bank, and BBVA occupy the two worst places on the Ibex 35 value board, discounting a bit more than the percentage medium point with Inditex registering a recoil of 0.15%.


Outside the Ibex 35, the focus of the investors is located in Abengoa that leads the falls of the Continuous Market of the Spanish Stock Exchange. The international company, which specializes in the energy and environment sectors, suddenly deleted the rally of 125% last week and its capitalization deflated to 200 million on the eve of the capital increase.

Abengoa’s A-series shares fell 18.16% to € 0.428 after opening this week, while B-series shares were down 12.12% and then fell to € 0.174.

Investors turn their backs on this week’s European trading day this week, after the trading start of an avalanche of possible new shares coming from the capital increase.

Abengoa informed the National Securities Market Commission of the issuance of some 1,577 million new shares of the A series and 16,316 million shares of the B series.


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