Latin American Stock Exchanges closed the journey with mixed results

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Spain Stock Exchange negotiated in March 58.238 million Euros
April 13, 2017
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April 21, 2017

Latin American Stock Exchanges closed the journey with mixed results

Latin American Stock Exchanges closed journey with mixed results

Latin American Stock Exchanges closed journey with mixed results

The main employment indicators in the United States and better prospects regarding the demand and consumption of aggregates of that country’s economy, prompted negotiations in the main stock exchanges in the region. In addition, it is added, the policies of normalization and order, which indicates that they will be more recurrent by the Federal Reserve System.

As reported during this week, the Automatic Data Processing National Employment Report or what is known as the ADP Private Employment Survey closed in March with very auspicious information, accounting for the creation of more than 263,000 additional labor positions in the United States.

On the other hand, this may indicate, according to regional capital market analysts, that the indicators of non-agricultural employment and the unemployment rate in North America reflect much more favorable results in official reports, these will be announced in the coming days.

 Latin-American Stock Exchange

This excellent ecosystem of news cheered the performance of the negotiation places of Latin-American; however, the other stock exchanges in the region did not accuse of receiving the United States macroeconomic environment, which is expected to continue growing during the coming week’s days.

The IPSA, which is the Santiago Stock Exchange, saw an increase of 0.98%; This means a close of operations of 4,872.82 units for an approximate amount of $161.8 million. The Capitalization Index, Colcap, of the Colombian Stock Exchange gained ground by 0.24%: that is, some 1,371.46 units more in the index, that is to say some 61.9 million dollars of exchange.

Peru, on the other hand, the index that groups the generality of the companies, essentially the mining companies, S & P / BVL Peru General, it was stated 15.997.85 units. The Lima stock exchange was 0.46%, and the vehicle investment trade was $ 684,011

Santiago (Chile) stock exchange

The Santiago (Chile) stock exchange closed with an increase

In contrast, the Ibovespa index, which is the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, fell 1.51% to stand at 64.775 points in the indicator, after the operation volume in 2,514 million dollars.

The Price and Quotes Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), fell slightly by 0.27%. The final score was 49,207.61 units in an operation where they managed to exchange about 724.2 million dollars.

Meanwhile in Argentina, the Merval index which is the selective of the leading and liquid companies of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange closed down 0.72% which could represent 20,683.02 points for a total amount of $33.85 million.

The behavior of the Latin American stock exchanges is considered to have had excellent gains, but also linked losses, did not follow the Dow Jones index, nor did the indexed S & P500 and even less the composite technology indicator known as NASDAQ. The setbacks that occurred during this week’s session were successively 0.2%, 0.31% and lastly, 0.58%.

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