Spain Stock Exchange negotiated in March 58.238 million Euros

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Spain Stock Exchange negotiated in March 58.238 million Euros

Spain Stock Exchange negotiated €58 million in March

Spain Stock Exchange negotiated €58 million in March

The management Stock Exchange of Spain, Stock and Market informed that during last March it was negotiated a variable selling of €58.238 million, this means 28,6% more than February, and 3.4% more than January, but at the same time, 7% less during the same month in 2016.

In this way, the first quarter of 2017, the contracted cash volume reached €156.862 million, which it would 14,6% more than the fourth quarter of 2016, although it is 19% under the same values recorded during the same period in 2016.

Due to the number of negotiations, March reached €5.1 million, this means 32,7% more than February and just 2,8% above March, but during the year 2016. The number of gathered negotiations until March reached €12,8 millions, this means 17,6% less that it was registered during the last period last year.

The negotiated volume in the Exchange-traded fund (ETF) was €557 million, this implies 97,2% more than February, with a gathered cash of €1.096 million. The number of operations during the ETFs month was 11,517, a 65,4% growth during February, and 23% less than the same month, but in 2016.

The warrants and certificates market reached €139,6 million, this implies 34,6% less during the same month last year. During that month, the traded cash reached € 48,3 million, 5,4% more than February. The number of admitted emissions to negotiation during the quarter reached 795.

In the case of derivates, the negotiated volume was around 5,3 million of contracts, this implies 111% more than it was registered last month. The negotiation of Operations about Ibex increased 6,3% with around 221.281 negotiated contracts. In future about shares, the negotiation was made of 3,3 million of contracts during the quarter, a fall of 14,2% towards it was generated during 2016, while options about shares were negotiated 4,8 million of contract, which implies a 9% more.

Debt negotiation during the month of March was 12.946 million, 15.2% more than in February, with the number of operations a 22.6% upward. New issues in March reached 15,424 million, this implies one 45% less than in February. In the jackpot of the year, climbed to 46.072 billion, this implies one 12.8% less than during the same period in 2016.

BME shares recover approximately half a percentage point, to 32 EUR, during a downtrend for the Ibex Medium Cap. So far year, BME titles have appreciated something more than thirteen points and average percentage.

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