Wall Street closes on a rise: Dow Jones rise a 0,33% after GDP data

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Wall Street closes on a rise: Dow Jones rise a 0,33% after GDP data

Wall Street closes on a rise - Photo by Spencer Platt

Wall Street closes on a rise - Photo by Spencer Platt

Wall Street registered timid gains during last session, and Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is the main indicator, registered a 0,33% rise to set 20.728 points during the trading negotiation journey of The United States last Thursday.

Wall Street main indicator advancement, with S&P 500 registered a raise of 0,29%, while the index composed by Nasdaq recovered the quota of 5.900 points after the ending of the session to establish the new closing historical highs.

The small companies’ shares had a better performance than other indicators, which impulse Russell 2000 index to registered an advance of 0,8%, ending the session in 1.382 points.

The financial sector was that led the raises at NY Stock Exchange, after it was known the US economic growth during the fourth quarter, higher than it was previously registered. This was launched by the solid consumer spend.

The US transportation secretary Elaine Chao pointed out that the infrastructure plans will be announced this year with more than $1 billion during the next 10 years, according to it was indicated by this proposal that it will cover beyond transportation infrastructure. It will also include energy, water, band width sectors, as well as hospitals for veterans.

Investors saw with optimism the data publication about US economy, because the previous initial performance requests have declined up to 258.000 new applications. Besides, the final revision of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was published of the fourth quarter, showing a US economic growth at a faster rhythm of 2,1% at the time the benefits of companies continue to recover. It pointed out the revision to consumer spend growth to up to 3,5% from 3% previous.

Wall Street registered a session that went from less to more, with the main indexes eliminating loses shown after the opening, impulsed by European Stock Exchanges that close on rise. Among the values integrated by Dow Jones Industrial Average, ExxonMobil registered the best performance from the NY selective, nothing a grow of 2,05% to be located in $83,70 for a title in the US oil company.

ExxonMobil celebrates the advances of the oil price rise, followed by American Express with a rise of 1.23%; Goldman Sachs with a 1.21% increase and lastly, Wal-Mart Stores with a rise of 1.20%; who were up more than the percentage point during the closing of the day of negotiations of the United States of last Thursday.

On the other side of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the company posted a loss at the close, Nike posted the worst performance of the index with a 1.13% discount on its stock market value.

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