Amadeus managed to catch a break in the activities of the beginning of the month

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Amadeus managed to catch a break in the activities of the beginning of the month

Amadeus IT en IBEX

Amadeus IT en IBEX

The technological solutions in the booking and travel company, Amadeus IT Group, started well on June, after being beaten by the diagnosis units of Banco Santander and BBVA who earlier in the week, on a reported analysis, recommended the status of sale for the global giant which is also the supplier of ticketing systems, booking, monitoring and the monitoring of the passages in commercial aviation

In the preview, the price of the shares in Amadeus fell 4.0% closing last week at a very unhappy trading session in the market of Madrid.

The decision of Iberia, which is one of the founders of the cluster of technology, charged an over expenditure on the purchase of tickets of 9.5 euros and 8.0 pounds starting next November 1st, this is why it was last Friday the International Airlines Group holding company, which is part of the company, made public the data from the banks, influenced the behaviour of the quotation of Amadeus.

It should be mentioned that the extra cost which was charged to tickets through the specialized global systems of reserve, according to the sources, corresponds to a strategy that has as main objective the promotion of the direct sale of air tickets from the web sites of the companies.

The Spanish index, the IBEX 35

The Spanish index, the IBEX 35

Also, these sources commented that both BBVA and Santander reduced sell recommendations, and in addition, they are certain the value in the stock market will fall to adapt a little to the estimated target price.

Prices accompanied by levels of resistance and polarization

In a more concrete position and at the beginning of this week, BBVA specialist commented that they hope for an adjustment of 6.5% from the last week closing, placing price of Amadeus in 50.3 euros. Meanwhile, the analysis area of Santander Bank places the quotation at 47,50 euros share price.

However, estimates of both institutions, according to what the diagnosis agency Blommberg said to Amadeus, there’s still an austere rise of 2.4% to EUR 50,29.

According to the same agency, 32 analysts who monitored the actions of the company, 10 recommended purchase, 7 recommended the sale and the remaining 15 suggested to keep the value of the equity of the company’s technology.

At the beginning of the week, Amadeus, together with International Airlines Group, was one of the companies that was hardly hit in the Spain stock through a key indicator, the Ibex 35. But it was not until this week that Amadeus ended the session in the stock market of Plaza de la Lealtad in Madrid, advancing 0.68% for a price of 53.20 euros.

Punishment by GDS issuing had large impact on the market cap, since the drubbing of Amadeus at the stock exchange made the market cap retract at 1,525 million euros last week.

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