The new round of quarterly results

Some of Wall Street and Europe results
These were the results of Wall Street and Europe
August 18, 2017
The USA and South Korea sanctions North Korea
The United States and South Korea establish sanctions against North Korea
August 28, 2017

The new round of quarterly results

Quarterly blue chips results

Quarterly blue chips results

SAP, Phillips Morris, T-Mobile and Visa results were published in the new round of quarterly results. We can also see some that were published a little earlier.

The Dutch group Unilever improved a 23.8% in net profit, to reach 3.110 million euros, an increase of 22.7% in its operating profit to 4.847 billion and 5.5% in its revenue to settle at 27.725 million.

Just in the second trimester, Unilever has had a growth of 4,9% in its sales, which means an increase of 4.406 million, this is 3% in comparable terms. This evolution is in line with which was hoped by the fiscal market, growth in the low part of the objective rank by the macro situation in Brazil and changes in India which have postponed the orders.


The German technological group improved 3.6% in its operative benefit, reaching 1.570 million euros, with an increase of 10.4%, that translate into 5,782 million. This result was below of what was expected in the benefit operative and it is explained by the greater costs associated with the expansion of the cloud business.

Philip Morris

On the other hand, this company presented a net income of 6,917 million dollars, 4% higher of what was expected and its operative benefit was located in 2.700 million, -1,2%. As far as the volume of the sold cigarettes, it diminished 7,5%, reaching 193,540 millions, with falls in Asia with a -16,6%, EEMA and -5,7%, and in the European Union a 1,3% and Latin America and Canada with an increase of the 1,4%.

Philip Morris yearly stock price

Philip Morris yearly stock price

After these results, Philip Morris reviewed the rise of his forecasts of gains per share for the set of the present fiscal year to a bracket between the 4.78 and 4.93 dollars per share.


The phone company presented an income through services of approximately 7.445 million dollars a 8%, a fit Ebitda of 3,012 million, 19%, a Capex of 1,347 million dollars and a free cash flow of 482 million dollars a 15%.

On the other hand, the company slightly increased the guides for the year, hoping an Ebitda located between the 10.500 and 10.900 million dollars, as well as net discharges of 3 to 3.6 million dollars.


Visa presented its quarterly results over way over of what was expected, with income of 4,565 million dollars, 26% more than the second trimester of last year, an operative benefit of 3,024 million dollars against the 428 million presented last year and a net benefit of 2.059 million dollars versus a 412 million in 2016. That means a benefit per share of 0,86 dollars against the 0,17 dollars of the last year.

In addition, it increased its guides for this year, mainly due to the high growth registered in the volumes outside the territory of the United States, which meant an 11%, they hope that the increase is of 20% and a fit benefits growth of 20%.

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