Some of the most outstanding results of the week

Spanish index IBEX rose up
Ibex 35 rose up at the end of the session this week, Spain Stock Exchange
August 4, 2017
Some of Wall Street and Europe results
These were the results of Wall Street and Europe
August 18, 2017

Some of the most outstanding results of the week

Some of the companies stock most remarkable results

Some of the companies stock most remarkable results

Among the most outstanding results of the week, we can notice those of Vodafone, Microsoft, General Electric, Talgo and Almirall.

Vodafone, a British telecommunications company, presented an organic growth of its income by 22% due to the AMAP regions, which are the Pacific Asia, Middle East and Africa, where in addition, it showed a growth of 7,9% and in Europe, 0,8%. In the case of Europe, they got an organic level the growth of regions such as Italy and Spain with 3,2% and 1,6% respectively. In addition, the company maintains its guides of organic growth in Ebitda between 4% and 8%, this is equivalent to levels between 14.000 and 14.500 million euros, with a generation of free cash flow of around 5 billion euros.


The well-known American software company obtained excellent quarterly numbers, with a growth in income of 23.317 million dollars, a 13% higher than expected; as well as an operative benefit of 5.330 million, an improvement of 73%; an operative margin of 28,4%, 96 points increase unlike the year before, a net benefit of 6,513 million, which implies a 112% more.

Microsoft stock price

Microsoft is one of the companies that obtained the best results

That means a benefit per share of 0,86 dollars against the 0,17 dollars of the last year. The growth of the Productivity & Business Processes divisions were highlighted.

As for the levels of debt, it was increased by 2,200 million, unlike the increase of the previous trimester, this is due to the increase of the volume of the commercial paper. In any case, given the adjusted Ebitda growth of 17%, the leverage of the company remained around 2.1 times.

General Electric

This company’s net profit fell by 57%, to settle at 1,190 million dollars and 12%, revenues to 29.560 billion. Despite this fall, the result of this American giant with interests in the energy, transport, health and industrial fields were somewhat better than expected. The current low price of oil and the uncertainty in the energy market led the group to announce earnings per expected share, to be between 1.6 and 1.7 dollars.


The Spaniard railway company dropped 36% in its net profit, to get to 10.5 million euro, with a decrease of 21.9% in Ebitda, to 21.1 million euros of operating profit, up to 16 million and 36.9% to 94.1 million.

Analysts considered that these are poor results, but in line with what was expected at the level of its net profit due to lower financial expenses. On operational level, the improvement of the Ebitda margin is highlighted in the second quarter, 4% to 22.3%.

However, sales fell by the lower level of manufacturing, reflecting the current phase of the project reaffirms in Saudi Arabia.


While the laboratory which had already announced a few days ago a profit warning, it registered a fall in sales of 15.4% to 328,47 million, a lower operating profit of 76,07 million and an attributable net profit of 73,12 million, compared to 80 million last year.

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