These were the results of Wall Street and Europe

Some of the companies stock most remarkable results
Some of the most outstanding results of the week
August 16, 2017
Quarterly blue chips results
The new round of quarterly results
August 21, 2017

These were the results of Wall Street and Europe

Some of Wall Street and Europe results

Some of Wall Street and Europe results

The results of Wall Street and Europe were published, in these, and we can see Caterpillar, McDonald’s, United Technologies, GM, AT & T, Bankinter, Endesa, Abertis, among the many companies and organizations in it. We’ll guide you through each one of them separately.


This company had a growth of 45% in its net benefit, which took it until the 802 million dollars with a remarkable improvement of 18.2% in its fit benefit, which means 1.35 dollars per share. Plus 9.6% in its income, to reach 11,300 million. These results were higher than what was expected for the manufacturer of machinery, where the increased demand for construction equipment in China is taken into account.

General Motors

This huge automobile group got, until June, an income of 37 billion dollars, 1.1% less; with an EBIT a little fit of 3,700 million, as well as an EBIT margin of 10%, with a benefit per share of 1.6 dollars, that means less of a 8% of what was expected and a benefit per share of 1.89 dollars, which means a better 5.6%.


This US telecommunications group showed an income of 39,837 million dollars, this is 1.7% less; but also an operative benefit of 7,323 million which means a 11.6%; an attributable net benefit 3,900, a 14.9% better than expected and a benefit per share of 0,63 dollars with a 14,5% impact.

On the other hand, the operative cash flow was of 8,942 million dollars, whereas the free cash flow is of 3,734 million dollars.


The results of Bankinter exceeded estimates in its entire line of the income statement. With a 2% margin of interest and net commissions, plus 3% in gross margin and a 1% in net profit, despite higher allocations to their provisions. In comparison with the consensus forecasts, they also exceed 2% in its net interest income, 1% in its gross margin and 1% in net profit. On a quarterly comparison, the recovery of net commissions is emphasized, 9.2% compared to the first quarter, equal to the margin of 5.5% interest.

Stock price of Bankinter

Bankinter ended up with positive results


The electric company recorded a revenue of more than 10.000 million euros, showing an increase of 9%; the margin of contribution was 2.624 million, which means 7% less; Ebitda stood at 1.605 million, which is 14% less compared to the 1.518 billion that was expected. Nevertheless, I do believe that it is an honest summation of what has been said in this forum.


Abertis got better than the estimates that were made in revenue and Ebitda, with an 18% increase due to the change of the perimeter, real appreciation, and the Chilean peso, as well as the improvement of traffic in all regions. Just as the improvements in the efficiency by 130 points.

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