This is what you should know about the Latin American Market for this Session

Economic forecast december 2017
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December 18, 2017
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December 22, 2017

This is what you should know about the Latin American Market for this Session

Latin America economic forecast

Latin America economic forecast

This is the likely result of the survey of the Latin American market for the beginning of the session and the main factors that you should be aware of in the coming days.

PBI of Peru Will Have Made Firm Progress in November

The product or income of the Peruvian economy would have registered a growth of 3.10% in interannual November, supported by traditional production items such as mining and by a non-primary sector such as construction as it was known through the survey made by a media.

At least twelve analysts were surveyed, and according to them, the economy would advance between 2.70% and 3.30% for an average of the squares measured of 3.08%.

The figure compares with the expansion of 4.34 percent in November and 2.28 percent in August last year, as detailed by the financial information service from where the survey was conducted.

Pablo Nano, chief economist at Scotiabank Peru, explained that as a whole, the primary sectors would have grown around 3.8%, compared to 0.7% in August.

On the other hand, after the statements to local television, the Peruvian prosecutor Hamilton Castro explained that his office “investigates Graña and Montero along with other local partners of Odebrecht”, the sued and questioned Brazilian company accused of systematically granting bribes to obtain tenders in Peru and the rest of the region for decades.

Everything Indicates that Argentina Could Lead Lithium Production in the Coming Years

According to Lithium Americas, Argentina is the third producer of lithium in the world, this is a basic mineral used for a variety of portfolios of products: from medicines and batteries to the construction of aircraft, with about 30,000 tons per year, but the figure could triple in five years.

Lithium production

Lithium production, Argentina is expected to increase its lithium output in the years to come

Argentina is likely to outperform Chile in terms of production over the next five years, said Richard Seville, CEO of the Australian mining company Orocobre, as part of a visit to the salt flats of northern Argentina.

As announced by the Chilean Copper Commission and the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Argentina; Chile is the second producer worldwide, with around 70 thousand tons per year, after Australia and supplies 40% of the global market with 76 thousand tons.

Mexico Already Has its Macroeconomic Package Ready

The Aztec country already has a macroeconomic package in place that will have a rapid reaction response, given the case of the United States abandoning NAFTA, although this maintains a central scenario to achieve a good renegotiation. That’s what the country’s chancellor, Luis Videgaray, explained.

Negotiators from Canada, the United States, and Mexico will meet this week for the fifth round of NAFTA talks, in a context where US President Donald Trump has threatened to abandon the agreement if he does not achieve conditions that he considers more favorable for his country, according to what an expert source commented.

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