The GDP of Chile closed the 2017 with dynamism in the demand

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The GDP of Chile closed the 2017 with dynamism in the demand

Chile GDP

The Central bank of Chile informed during this week that its GDP closed the last year with dynamism on the side of the demand, it had an advance of 3,30% interannual.

This was a performance surprise, because in the eve a sample which 12 analysts of Bloomberg foretold an increase of the added rent of 2.90%.

Ghana’s central bank announced in February that the country’s GDP growth had slowed due to energy supply constraints. According to which Bloomberg informed, after the four slower years of growth from principles of the decade of the 80′ s the economy of the country showed signals of a recovery more and more every month.

The confidence that the companies had has raised to maximum in a period of time of 5 years, after the victory of Sebastián Piñera, in the presidential elections of the country that is a political “pro market”. On the other hand, the prices of copper and the production in rise and the industry of manufacture show signals of life after being suspended for a long time.

The analysts of Credit Suisse released a report to the clients in where they informed that the change of Government much more generated a world-wide growth hard and with high prices of copper, this is in the growth of the real GDP more notable from the 2013.

A general recovery in 2018 projects

Piñera occupied position of president of Chile on March 11 after which it gained the victory in the elections in the past December by a much greater margin to which they had foretold and with some promises to duplicate the growth of the economy during its government, as well as to reduce the taxes of the companies and the reduction of the fiscal deficit. The arrival of the multimillionaire to the power impelled the enterprise optimism remarkably, this commented Bloomberg agency.

Piñera, current president of Chile

Piñera, current president of Chile

However, in Perú, some of the analysts refer to the fact that an entrepreneur wasn’t any garantee of success in politics and even less when he promises a sustained economic growth.

According to the experts, the most dissapointing case, was Head of State of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski an ex- banker of investment and tendency pro company and right.

This is the worse government that Peru has had after Fujimori. From all the points of view in which this president was to position it failed remarkably. In addition, this president received an economy that had a growth of 4% and in the last quarterly of the last year the growth was of 2.2%, clarified to the politólogo Alberto Vergara.

Also, it was added that soon they wanted the fiscal deficit to close and not only made a deceleration in the economy, but also that the present deficit is of 3.2%, this is upper in more than 17 years. And the unmannerliness that was going to reduce aggressively knew a clearly increase, this is a disaster, concludes the Peruvian analyst.

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