After accusations of corruption and political crisis Kuczynski resigns the presidency of Peru

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After accusations of corruption and political crisis Kuczynski resigns the presidency of Peru

President Pablo Kuczynski resigns

President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, known colloquially like PPK, resigned to his position of high investiture seeing itself pressed by the corruption accusations that had sunk in a great political crisis to one of the main economies with greater expansion of Latin America.

Pedro Pablo. a 79-year-old economist and former banker of investment, exposed his professional and financial past, determine the proportions that was being tie with the Brazilian company Odebrecht that at the moment is accused and investigated by corruption.

Due to this exhibition, the former president of Peru lost the popular support on which it counted when it initiated its mandate and the opponents demanded their exit to him, as well as some members of the oficialismo. Whereas the Congress was transacting a destitution order and they requested that it attended an interrogation.

PPK remained more and more alone

According to the consulted sources, the luck of Kuczynski already was thrown for the eve before its resignation, when some videos spread days before where they were possible to be seen some fujimoristas dissident legislators of his majority promising to the competing colleague the support to him required on the part of the President for some works in exchange for which the PPK destitution was opposed.

While first mandatorio of Peru was reunited with Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of ultraconservative party and fujimorista tendency to ask for the support, but according to some present witnesses who were east gave the back him.

On the other hand, the PPK ministers invited the president who resigned of the position, everything against the threat of which otherwise they would do it. Due to this, time later PPK did an announcement televised where affirmed the position to the presidency of Peru.

Alberto Fujimori, the former Peruvian president

Alberto Fujimori, the former Peruvian president

In this announcement the former president commented that before the difficult situation that had appeared to him, it seemed very unjust to him that single he appeared like the culprit of the different acts in which had not participated, in addition commented that everything what hopes is that its resignation was the best thing for the country.

In addition it mentioned that it is not in search of being a hindrance for the nation, but that hopes that this finds the unit and the harmony that as much the town needs Peru and that according to their belief, denied to him in their mandate.

We must remember that during the past month of December, a great group of congressmen in their majority competing of Fujimori was led by Kenji Fujimori, who dismantled and avoided the vacancia of Kuczynski.

According to the witnesses consulted by Reuters approximately a month ago, Kuczynski insulted Alberto Fujimori who was sentenced to 25 years of jail for robbery, embezzlement of bottoms, murders, infanticide and kidnapping by an agreement that occurred under the table with the son of Alberto, Kenji, everything in exchange for which counted on the support and the support of the dissident members of an assembly of this one.

This resignation of PPK will be able to affect the economy that had been seen in growth of Peru, which will at least generate a doubt in the investors which you want to invest in the country, until the political situation manages to become stabilized and find a new president.

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