The profits of LATAM duplicated for the closing of the 2017

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The profits of LATAM duplicated for the closing of the 2017

Latam double its profits

According to what was commented by the company Latam Airlines in a report released to the company, the greater aerocomercial gain in the operations of the region was duplicated in the year last through an increase in the income, a better margin operations and a much more positive impact as far as the real appreciation of the Brazilian.

This happened in a year where we had the phenomenon of the Coastal Boy in Peru, as well as the company of Chile and Brazil was accused to take advantage of the moment of the local clients badly to cuadriplicar the price of tickets of the flights from Lima towards the north of the country, that was epicenter of rains and floods.

Nevertheless, the company commented that during 2017, a utility of 155.3 million dollars between the first and last month of the year was obtained, this is a number that was located a little below which it was being expected.

When it closed the fourth trimester, the company gained 67 million dollars, this is an interannual increase of 23.6% in spite of the loss by type of change that had mainly to the devaluation of 4.7% of the real one of Brazil during this trimester, all this according to the study that Reuters agency did.

Lan Chile, Tam Brasil

Latam is the result of the combination between Lan Chile and Tam Brasil

On the other hand, the result of operations had an increase of 38.4% in the fourth trimester and a 25.8% in 2017, whereas the margin of the operations reached a 7.0% during this period.

According what the company commented in the released report, in spite of the rise in the price of the fuel, LATAM reached the best operational result of recent history, obtaining this way a result with a smaller number of airplanes. During 2017, they operated in an industry that is evolving with new competitors.

A better operational margin is expected during this year.

The volume that invoiced in 2017 advanced a 6.7% closing in 10.163 million dollars, due to an increase of 7.8% in the fleeting income, according to which it inquired in the text.

The impact of the appreciation of real of Brazil throughout the year represented additional income by the 236 million dollars.

LATAM, was product of the fusion in the year 2012 of the Chilean company LAN and Brazilian TAM, ratified a guide margin of operations between the 7,5% and the 9,5% for year 2018, a year in where considered optimistic on the part of the analysts and the organisms worldwide.

With its first house in Santiago, LATAM has operative units in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Educator, Paraguay, Colombia and Peru. The costs of the operations had a growth of 5.5%. The fuel denoted an advance in the costs of 12,7% during the last year.

Due to the improvement of the fleet, according to Reuters agency is thought that LATAM has an order of 10 new airplanes for this 2018, in addition of which they glide to receive two Airbus A350 that was subleased to Qatar Airways. In addition, it will reconvert a passenger airplane to freighter and will give back 5 airplanes. For year 2019 there is an order of 14 new airplanes. With this the commitments of the company respectively reach the 714 and 1,213 million dollars.

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