The FED elevates the cost of the credit during the last session

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May 2, 2018
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May 7, 2018

The FED elevates the cost of the credit during the last session

Federal Reserve, USA

FED increased during this week in his first session with Powell the rate of short term reference, generating an estimation in agreement with the directory of the governors two additional increases in which it is of the 2018.

The meeting of governors of the FED announced that this increase corresponds to a signal that exists a greater confidence in cuts of the taxes, as well as a much more remarkable increase in the public cost that they will help to impel the economy of the country, the inflation will take to a hardening of in the future near the much greater currency.

According to the official notice by Reuters agency, in the first meeting of the monetary policy under the direction of Jerome Powell, the Central bank of EE.UU indicated that the inflation was due to move finally to the rise, after which this under its objective of an annual 2% and in addition commented that the economy gained impulse.

On the other hand the FED commented in an official notice to the closing of the meeting of two days of the meeting of the governors who the perspective of the economy of the country has fortified in the last months remarkably.

The elevation of the rate of reference of the short term credits was a quarter of percentage point, in a rank from a 1.50% to 1.75%.

Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen

Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen

Powell who was the one that replaced like head of the FED Janet Yellen de New York at the beginning of the month of February, confirmed that the organism has a gradual footpath that glides to maintain for the increase of rates, but that is due to be very alert on the inflation. In addition it affirmed that they are looking for to take an intermediate position.

The curve of sovereigns raises after a stock-exchange backward movement

The quotations of the debt of the United States or the Treasury bonds had an advance during the session of this week in as much the variable rent had a backward movement.

On the other hand, Reuters agency commented that the actions had a fall whereas the investors wait for some conclusions after the meeting of the FED, in where hopes that the Central bank of the country elevates the interest rates for the first time in the 2018.

According to the data presented/displayed by the agency, the actions lowered to a 1% and the papers of Inc. Facebook they had a collapse by the news with regard to that the data of the users badly were handled by the company, this it can generate certain restlessness on the much more ample violations of privacy and can cause a wave of sales in the technological titles.

The increase of the prices in the consumer after the month of January drastically extended the perspective of the acceleration of the inflation, this will take to the FED to have to take a stricter tone, but in February was a cooling of the prices in the previous weeks.

The notes of reference to bonds of 10 years had an ascent of 1/32 in their price, for a yield of 2,846%, after to have taken terrain until being located in the 2,879% during the operative one of the markets.

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