Goldman Sachs announces dynamism in the prices of commodities

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Goldman Sachs announces dynamism in the prices of commodities

Commodities and oil

The analysts of the investment bank of the United States are very optimistic regarding the ecosystem of the prices of the commodities in the different global markets.According to these experts, there have been few times that there have been more solid arguments to have or invest in commodities.

Jeffrey Currie, who is one of the most important analysts at Goldman Sachs, commented that he recommends increasing positions in commodities, since the price of commodities is triggered by the growing political tensions in the world today and that the Economic growth remains strong, according to United States employment indicators

According to the analysis area of ​​the investment bank, in a report that they published for the clients and that was released at the same time to the public opinion, the commodities could register a yield of 10% in the next 12 months.

All increases are due to oil

According to the Bloomberg agency, the Bloomberg Commodity Index gained ground by more than 2.50% at the end of last week.Being the highest figure for the agency in approximately two months.

Meanwhile, the S&P GSCI INDEX, with a similar measurement, commented that it has advanced more than 5% during the same week.This means that both meters recorded levels that had not been seen since 2014, while all eyes are focused on the price of oil.

Jeffrey Currie, Goldman Sachs analyst

Jeffrey Currie, Goldman Sachs analyst

According to the Bloomberg news agency, the profits have been driven by oil, which is on track to record its best increase since last year and the aluminum that is on track to achieve its most notable increase since 1987.

They also comment that oil investors are a bit uneasy before the possibility of a supply interruption that the Middle East provides, after announcing the threat of the United States to bomb Syria, which is a direct ally of Russia, the launch of missiles by rebels from Yemen to Saudi Arabia, which toppled them, and at the same time growing concern about the possibility that the United States will return sanctions to Iran and stop exports.

The main intentions of the United States with the sanctions that plated placed on the tariffs of imports of aluminum and other materials, may also affect future matters.

In the aluminum markets, the sanctions of this country to the Russian producer, who is the largest manufacturer of the material after China, caused buyers to take measures to get the supply they required at least for a while.

On the other hand, Goldman’s economists considered oil as a problem with low correlations of assets, increasing inflation risks, currency arbitrage and supply interruptions that could occur in the Middle East, this could be an argument or a reason to see the strongest growth of commodities that has been seen.

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