In eve of the FED meeting the market of actions increases

Federal Reserve, USA
The FED elevates the cost of the credit during the last session
May 4, 2018

In eve of the FED meeting the market of actions increases

Oil crude price

The papers of variable rent had an increase in their prices during the session of this week in stock-market of New York, after a recovery of the demand of crude, this shot the prices of petroleum and as consequence had an impact in the power sector; nevertheless, according to what was commented by a source there was another backward movement in the titles of Inc. Facebook, which limited the gains.

According to Reuters, the prices of the crude one scaled a approximate one of 2% to locate themselves in the maximums three weeks ago, all this due to the tensions that the possibility that were in the Middle East and Venezuela has more declivity in the pumping.

In addition, they assured that the advance of the crude one can help to that the index of energy of S&P 500 gains a 0,84% and could be the sector with better performance within the other 11 sectors that compose the referential one.

Whereas the quotation of the actions of Inc. Facebook it had a backward movement of 2.6% in a context where the official notice that emitted the expressed company that at the moment faces some cuestionamientos of the Federal Commission of Commerce of the United States on how a political consultant who was contracted by the campaign of the present president of the United States, Donald Trump, could accede to the personal data of the users.

According to Reuters, they expressed by chat that the actions of Facebook have lost around 9% in the two last sessions of stock-market, this it is his greater declivity in the period included/understood from February of the 2016 to this moment and this is a loss that is heavy remarkably in the market.

Facebook was not the only one struck of the session

During the last session it was possible but also that to be observed that not only Facebook underwent a fall, the papers of Inc. Snap a 2.56% backed down; whereas those of Twitter had a 10.38% loss.

In spite of these results, the Industrial Average Dow Jones advanced about 116,36 points or a 0,47% to quote in the 24,727, 27 whole numbers. Whereas S&P 500 made profitable in 4,02% or a 0.15% with a price to the closing of 2,716, 94 points.

Facebook, Snapchat stock price

Facebook, Snapchat stock price action didn’t do well on last session

Meanwhile Nasdaq Composite added to the day 20.06 points, this means a 0,27% raised, which made it position himself with a value of 7,364, 30 points. On the other hand, the papers of Oracle lost a 9.4% after information of the company of which the income were much smaller to those than they had predicted.

The price of the different financial actions gained 0,21% all this in the middle of expectations where the investors waited for a safe rise of the interest rates on the part of the Federal Reserve, once the meeting of the monetary policy of two days finishes.

The federal governors, as well as the advisers of the System of the Federal Reserve will have this week the first meeting under the guide of Jerome Powell who is the one that replaced Janet Yellen.

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