The markets as opposed to backed down the mini crisis that appeared in Washington

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The markets as opposed to backed down the mini crisis that appeared in Washington

Euro vs US Dollar

The titles values in variable rent of the Old Continent in front of finished the operative one backing down after the advance of euro to a vacillating dollar, according to which Reuters agency commented. It was added that this behaviour could be due to the president of the US firing the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, due to the commercial politics regarding Korea and others.

STOXX 600, the Pan-European index finalized the session with 1% fall and the DAX that is the German index was main the referring national who was more affected, because she had a reduction of 1.60% according to which the agency commented. In addition it added that the currency of the euro zone was fortified during the week last forehead the dollar, with a 0.5% what normally one is harmed for the companies in European forward edge.

There is something called the Tillerson effect and is the effect euro against dollar, everything according to which explained operator Oddo Securities, Mikael Jacoby, indicated in addition that the investors could possibly be considering the removal of Tillerson as an excellent reason to generate something of gains after to have been six of rises.

On the other hand, the exit of Gary Cohn who is member of the economic advisers of Trump and in addition the nervousness to a global commercial war already has caused some preoccupations in the different monetary markets, as well as of world-wide and financial values.

New York moves in fear

The losses of the technological and power actions of back dragged days to the main indices of Wall Street after opening in rise, after the spreading of an inflation data that appeased the fears to an acceleration of the prices, informed the agency Thomson Reuters.

Donald Trump - Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump – Rex Tillerson

The main indices of Wall Street fell to average session pressed by a loss near 2.00% of the titles of Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet, added.

On the other hand and according to stock-market of New York, the power variable rent yielded a 0.3%; in as much, the prices of petroleum touched minimums in in excess thing of the day.

Previously in the session, the markets were endorsed by data that showed that the growth for the prices to the consumer in the United States decelerated in February, an indication that an advance rise in the inflation probably will be only gradual, indicated Reuters.

During the first part of the day the industrial average Dow Jones raised 25.58%, or 0.1%, quoting to 25,206, 62 whole numbers. Index S&P 500 lowered 1.41 points, or 0.49%, to 2,781, 76 whole numbers; in as much the Nasdaq Composite it backed down in 23,88 points, or a 0.32%, to a price of 7,563, 90 units.

Confirming the curve of the yields of treasury bonds they fell in answer by the news that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, dismissed the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after a series of public disputes by subjects like Korea of Norte and Russia, replacing it by the director of the company, Mike Pompeo as Reuters informs.

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