The LATAM Airlines unit on strike is studying a new proposal

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The LATAM Airlines unit on strike is studying a new proposal

Huelga, protesta LATAM

This is the guild that gathers the cabin crews of LAN Express, which is the dependence of the LATAM Airlines group, which associates LAN of Chile and TAM of Brazil, this week will decide a new labor initiative of the company, which will mainly seek to deactivate the strike that has forced them to cancel more than a thousand services, this according to what the top executives told the media.

The initiative of the worker will incorporate improvements in the rest shifts, which is the main claim made by the union of the subsidiary. In addition, the proposal will maintain the extension of the benefits obtained by workers who are not in the union, which initially failed to reach the agreement reached earlier this week.

For the time being, the strike had a remarkable effect on the local itineraries of Chile and some routes in South America. The strike also meets 10 days of stoppages at the company. These have notably affected LATAM operations to some 1,575 flights, which were canceled until the date of April 25 and affects more than 273 thousand passengers.

What the assembly proposed

The top leadership of the union was not very convinced, hence a vote to be made during this week. On the other hand, LATAM gave the union a formal proposal, this was sent to all the crew members who are on strike of the union via email.



According to some sources and witnesses, this proposal must be voted on by the workers who will be involved in the negotiation, the vote will be completely secret and before a minister of faith within the next few days after the new offer has been presented.

After receiving the email and the text that was written there, the union members participated in an assembly in a local, with the purpose of analyzing the proposal.

According to a source from Santiago de Chile, several of the workers who were present said they were not very satisfied with what was written there, because there are fewer benefits than those who had spoken when the pre-agreement was reached.

According to the witnesses, they confirmed that one of the points that was not observed in the text and that had been discussed in the meetings is the return of the crew members who had been disengaged since March, a point that according to them had been promised.

In addition, compensation is not contemplated in the document in case of dismissal together with the last three settlements that have been worked on .Likewise, the non-inclusion of a National Accident Insurance should be added, these issues had been pre-approved in the previous agreement.

The source consulted also commented that the company is taking out many things that had been earned since much earlier, deep down, it is very suspicious what they offer. Given this, the union has called on all members to vote in rejection of this initiative, because if approved, there would be no possibility of change, while if they reject it they will be able to rewrite the document.

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