Forex trading

AG Markets offers you the chance to trade online in over 60 currency pairs with razor thin spreads and precise execution. Trade the market 24 hours a day between Sunday evening at 9pm and Friday evening at 8pm. Spread and leverage details below:

Currency pairs Min spread Available laverage
EURUSD 0.8 200:1
GBPUSD 0.9 200:1
USDCHF 0.9 200:1
USDJPY 0.9 200:1
AUDUSD 0.8 200:1
EURJPY 1 200:1
GBPJPY 1.7 200:1
USDCAD 0.9 200:1
EURCHF 0.8 200:1
EURGBP 0.8 200:1
Currency pairs Min spread Available laverage
EURZAR 43.3 200:1
GBPAUD 1.4 200:1
GBPCAD 2.1 200:1
GBPCHF 1.9 200:1
GBPDKK 5.3 200:1
GBPNOK 5.1 200:1
GBPNZD 3.8 200:1
GBPSEK 33.1 200:1
HDKJPY 22.6 200:1
NOKJPY 26.2 200:1

Introduction - How to trade FX?

Stocks are traded as CFD instruments on AG Markets. This is in effect trading contracts based on the differences in price of a stock over time, without actually owning the stock itself.

The CFDs stocks are a measure of the performance of the underlying stock as it mirrors the performance of the said stock. What traders who trade stocks on AG Markets are expected to do is simply to trade on the basis of whether the price of the underlying stock will rise or fall.

Structure of stock CFD trading:

The CFD contracts on stocks are traded in lots. The minimum price fluctuation is measured in Ticks, where 1 standard contract size is equivalent to 1,000 shares.

The stock CFD market is also a leveraged market, which allows the trader to to invest small amounts of capital, control larger trade sizes and get the effect of the larger trade sizes.

The stock CFDs can be traded in long or short directions, as opposed to the conventional stock markets in many parts of the world where a trader can only profit from long positions. In some markets, short selling is outrightly banned. However, traders can short stocks freely using CFD trades, and also use conventional long positions to benefit from rising prices.

All the advantages of AG Markets from 1 broker account

Contract specifications for currencies on AG Markets.

The contract specifications for currency pairs on AG Markets have to do with the following:

What do you need to start trading forex on AG Markets?

AG Markets offers traders the opportunity to trade CFDs on stocks using the MT4 platform. In order to start investing and trading on this platform, traders will need the following:

  • A An account with AG Markets. The account needs to be funded reasonable to be able to supply the margin needed to maintain the leveraged open positions.
  • B Access to advanced charting software for technical analysis. This comes with the AG Markets MT4 platform.
  • C Access to market news which has specific significance to the currency pairs being traded on AG Markets. This is provided in the economic news calendar.
  • D An understanding of how to use the MT4 platform offered by AG Markets. There are tutorials on the website that teach traders how to use the MT4 for trading.

Advantages of trading forex with AG Markets.

Trading stocks with AG Markets offers traders the following advantages:

  • A The benefit of having tight, fixed spreads.
  • B Leverage of up to 500:1.
  • C Several types of accounts that take into consideration the trader’s skill level and access to capital.
  • D Opportunity to trade stock CFDs on some of the best known stocks.
  • E The use of several methods of transaction to enable fast deposits and withdrawals.
  • F Access to the new version of the MT4 platform with all the benefits that come along with it.
  • G Ability to trade stock CFDs on the move with access to the MT4 for Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.
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