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April 25, 2018
US economy growth and bonds

The efficiency curve of bonds of the United States breaks a mark

After one week marked by the nervousness with regard to a possible commercial war impelled by the management of president Trump, and the imposition of tariff rates to the steel and aluminum the markets of capitals returned to a positive footpath of yields. The returns of different treasury bonds from the United States had an increase Monday and the efficiency curve lowered after a quite loose auction of debt to 2 years, after which the fear to a global commercial dispute that could rather hard cause a rise for the passed session, this was what indicated Reuters agency. The supply […]
April 23, 2018
Latam double its profits

The profits of LATAM duplicated for the closing of the 2017

According to what was commented by the company Latam Airlines in a report released to the company, the greater aerocomercial gain in the operations of the region was duplicated in the year last through an increase in the income, a better margin operations and a much more positive impact as far as the real appreciation of the Brazilian. This happened in a year where we had the phenomenon of the Coastal Boy in Peru, as well as the company of Chile and Brazil was accused to take advantage of the moment of the local clients badly to cuadriplicar the price […]
April 20, 2018
President Pablo Kuczynski resigns

After accusations of corruption and political crisis Kuczynski resigns the presidency of Peru

President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, known colloquially like PPK, resigned to his position of high investiture seeing itself pressed by the corruption accusations that had sunk in a great political crisis to one of the main economies with greater expansion of Latin America. Pedro Pablo. a 79-year-old economist and former banker of investment, exposed his professional and financial past, determine the proportions that was being tie with the Brazilian company Odebrecht that at the moment is accused and investigated by corruption. Due to this exhibition, the former president of Peru lost the popular support on which it counted when […]
April 18, 2018
Latin America political elections

The growth and stability in Latin America will be related to the political component

According to Bloomberg, specialists hope for growth and stability in Latin America. Lizzete Lara, who is the expert in the monetary, financial and value markets for the analysis and data agency explains the following: The recovery and stability of Latin America for 2018 will depend on the capacity that it has to survive the different results from the elections that will occur in the region, as well as the advance of key subjects, such as the renegotiation in the TLCAN. In 2018, more than 350 million people will elect the new political leaders of the region. The countries that will […]
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