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August 16, 2017
Some of the companies stock most remarkable results

Some of the most outstanding results of the week

Among the most outstanding results of the week, we can notice those of Vodafone, Microsoft, General Electric, Talgo and Almirall. Vodafone, a British telecommunications company, presented an organic growth of its income by 22% due to the AMAP regions, which are the Pacific Asia, Middle East and Africa, where in addition, it showed a growth of 7,9% and in Europe, 0,8%. In the case of Europe, they got an organic level the growth of regions such as Italy and Spain with 3,2% and 1,6% respectively. In addition, the company maintains its guides of organic growth in Ebitda between 4% and […]
August 4, 2017
Spanish index IBEX rose up

Ibex 35 rose up at the end of the session this week, Spain Stock Exchange

The most liquid and diversified index in the stock exchange in Spain, the Ibex 35, has turned around the market trend in the operation earlier this week and rose 0.2% quoting in 10.509. Ibex 35 fluctuated this week, according to the data of Plaza of de la Lealtad in Madrid, between 10.400 and 10.500 points, an internalized range by operators since the end of last month. This week, the negotiated amount was 1,264 million euros. Just the same way, the European indices have managed to finish the day in the green, in a session in which red had been the […]
August 3, 2017
Peru economy for 2017

Economic agents with good economic prospects for Peru

According to what the Central Reserve Bank of Peru reported, through the Survey of Macroeconomic Expectations of July 2017, the current situation and perspectives of the areas of economic agents, such as households and companies, have been much more optimistic in the last month in comparison to June, this is, an increasing in sales and employability, as well as the recruitment of staff. It stands out in the poll, over all, the opinion of the microeconomic sector of the Peruvian private business area, which nearest scenario, not only in the political environment hostile to the current Government, it is auspicious […]
July 27, 2017
The Colombian Stock Exchange

Colombian stock exchange with a major breakthrough

According to the information of closure of the Colombian stock exchange (aka BVC or COLCAP), located in the most modern building in Carrera avenue within Bogotá, rose up in this week’s session to a 0,50% to quote, as it was the trend since the end of last month, above 1,400 points when it landed in the 1,474.70. During the operative of this week, securities were negotiated for 73,360,63 million Colombian pesos, approximately 23,91 million American dollars for 2,111 operations. On the other hand, , this week, the Colombian foreign exchange market, according to the sources consulted, opened its operations with […]
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