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January 23, 2017
Mexican exchange down before Trump sworn presidency

Mexican stock exchange go down 0.96% before Trump is sworn into presidency

Since Donald Trump was elected as the new president of the United States there has been many different and radical movements in the stock market. A couple of days before being sworn president, which was scheduled for January 20, Mexican stock exchange already begun to register heavy falls. The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV in Spanish), registered a significant unfavorable decline prior to Trump’s arrival to the presidency. The numbers reported by the Mexican Stock Exchanges went down 0.96 percent. This happened right after a time of low operations, as last Monday was a holiday in the United States, a country that also […]
January 23, 2017
Best placed currencies in Forex in early 2017

Forex currency movement

Forex it’s quite similar to the stock exchange, in which company shares are bought and sold according to the positioning of these in the market. In Forex, specialists make projections of the location of global currency through two kinds of analysis and with the results obtained they provide advice about which currency is most favorable to sell and to buy. Success, earnings, failures and losses in Forex are directly linked to decisions that the investor make regarding the currency pairs they decide to negotiate by day and week. The instability in this currency market is due the fact that’s not a […]
January 19, 2017

Asian stock exchanges start off 2017 with mixed results

Asian stock exchanges started the New Year with mixed results, throughout January there have been different closures, some have increased in certain operations, and others remain the same, while some stocks show negative closings through days. Stock exchange in the Asian-Pacific region In Beijing, stockbrokers remain optimistic because their operations started off with the right foot. In the early days of January, their operations recorded significant increases. The earnings of the US giant Wall Street, coupled with a favorable rebound in the session of oil prices boosted shares in the stock of the area in the vast Asian continent. Reliability […]
January 16, 2017
Stock exchange opening on the United States

Opening of stock exchanges in the United States with ups and downs

The start of the New Year, until now, has left the stock exchange values of the United States with results and movements constantly changing to the extremes, unbelievably but true. One of the facts that have caused uncertainty is the most recent winner of the presidential elections, Donald Trump, who is scheduled to start managing the country the next January 20. This event has led the shares of stocks, operations and movements, to become extremely unstable. The first days of January, after a late opening after the Christmas festivities, the stock exchange of the US has been marked by mixed […]
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