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June 16, 2017
Peruvian economy and forex

USD/PEN exchange rate decreases on uncertainty

This week’s closing time in Lima registered a loss for the US dollar in relation to Peruvian sol. In the Peru’s currency exchange market, the dollar was quoted as S/.3.285 soles per dollar. The trading floors on currency and Forex sustained the aforementioned behavior for the price of the US currency. Global investors, banks and fund managers supported this trend given the context of uncertainty in US politics for Trump and Russia, as well as the Brazil scandals with Temer’s bribes and Petrobras scandal. The dollar decreased 0.12% when closing the currency market, the lowest quote price for the USD/PEN […]
June 14, 2017
Mexican economy

Mexico’s economy with growth in first trimester

The indicator for GDP seasonally adjusted showed an advance of 0.70% during Q1 2017, as compared to Q4 2016. Annually compared, it also rose 2.6% in the Jan-Mar period in relation to last year’s period. These statistics were provided by INEGI, the Mexican National Institute for all the Geographic and Statistic Information. In the Q1 2017 period analyzed, the primary economic activities (agriculture, farming, afforestation, fishing and hunting) increased in real terms a 1.1%; tertiary activities increased a whole 1%; the secondary sector (mining, oil, power generation, distribution, and relay, manufacturing, construction, as well as gas and water supply) had […]
June 12, 2017
Petrobras Brasil

Brazil’s Stock Market plummets following political scandal

Brazil’s stock market is one of the biggest in the South America, position shared with Mexico’s. However, the Brazilian stock market had to cease activities on Thursday after nearly crashing. This week, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo published that President Michel Temer was recorded by the owner of JBS –the world’s largest meat company- Joesley Batista, approving a payment intended for jailed former house speaker Eduardo Cunha to remain silent about his participation on Petrobras-Oderbrecht corruption scandal and on former Brazil President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. Thus, Sao Paulo’s stock market and its corresponding index, BOVESPA, had a rough week being affected […]
May 26, 2017
Peru economy for 2017

Against all odds: the Peruvian economy grows in March

Despite the difficulties presented by the phenomenon called “El Niño” (the Kid) that caused much more damage in last weeks of March, Peru’s GDP grew 0.71% in the third month of the year, compared to March ‘16. The Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI) revealed this growth during this week’s session. They also reported that this percentage represents over 90 months of growth in GDP real terms. Thus, Peru’s economy had a 2.08% increase in Q1 2017 as compared to Q1 2016, and a 3.34% in yearly terms. According to INEI, this profit result attends to sectors and industries […]
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