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April 28, 2017
Trumpeconomics, Donald Trump

Peru Exchange Market: Dollar gains advantage responding to global contexts

During this week the US dollar had a slight increase regarding last week’s closing data. Local Peruvian traders and foreign traders made some very specific purchases in the foresight of the future short-term changes on US monetary policies made by the US Federal Reserve. According to Reuters, at a $428-million volume traded the dollar increase its rate regarding the Peruvian Sol (PEN) 0.092%, passing from S/.3.241 to S/.3.254 on this week’s closing time. The dollar rate at Lima’s exchange was set an S/.3.24 to buy and S/.3.26 to sell. This data confirms the dynamic trend for the US currency. Dollar […]
April 26, 2017
New Mexican stock exchange market - BIVA

Mexico’s recent debate: a second Mexican Stock Exchange (BIVA)

The new stock exchange in Mexico would be named BIVA, which stands for Bolsa Institucional de Valores. BIVA will not only run as an alternative trading market to the BMV, (Mexico’s current Stock Exchange) but it will be supported technologically by the American corporation NASDAQ, through the operation of SMARTS. The initiative to create a second stock market in Mexico spawned in 2015 when CENCOR (Central de Corretajes, S.A. de C.V.) requested the financial authorities of the country the necessary permissions to run an alternative to BMV. According to one of the supporters of the project, Santiago Urquiza, president of […]
April 25, 2017
Australian and New Zealand Dollar

A silent day in Forex market in lieu of bigger catalysts

Financial markets have had very little activity after the long weekend across the globe. The market has enjoyed silence on this day having some catalysts missing. The US dollar is operating on very narrow variations since last Wednesday due to this lack of major catalysts. The negative remark on the market has reduced after talks between the president of China and the president of the United States. The Asian president insisted on seeking the dialogue as way to solve the current tension with North Korea. As a consequence of the present issues, European stock markets have recovered and show a […]
April 21, 2017
Graña y Montero Group

Graña and Montero group shares generated falls during the market session this week

The Lima Stock Exchange, Perú (BVL), received a negotiation with many ups and downs in the assets of the equities of the Peruvian group. The value fell back, right in the middle of the operations, up to the $/2.50, while the last week had closed in S/.2.90. However, advanced by purchases of opportunity ending the trading session in $/2.65. Thus, the value of the equity of the group of entrepreneurs was contracted by 8.62% between last Friday and yesterday. According to the statements of Jasmine Halme, who is the analyst of the Credicorp Capital, is very reasonable that there is […]
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